Festival Overview

  Brideswell Pattern Festival 

The Brideswell Pattern Gathering and Festival 2015 – 23rd – 27th July, 2015.

The festival of Lughnasa is the origin of the assembly at Brideswell down through the centuries. The date of the festival has always been about the 1st of August, and for reasons including the influence of Christianity, the celebration moved to the Sunday before the 1st of August, namely Garland Sunday.

For centuries now people have assembled at Brideswell without any consciousness of an ancient celebration of a Celtic God,but to honour the patron saint of the parish,St. Brigid. It is quite possible that the assembly at the well of Brideswell was essentially a Christian celebration from the 6th century onwards,as the cult of St. Brigid is known to have spread rapidly throughoutIreland. It is from these early centuries of Christianity that we get the traditional stations which used to be said at Brideswell,involving as it does the repetition of prayers and the walking around the mounds/cairns or rocks,which marked the seven stations.

The revival of the pattern in the 1950s under the guidance of Fr Brendan Fitzmaurice where mass takes place at 12noon on the last Sunday in July. We have organised a festival from Thursday to Monday for all to celebrate and enjoy.

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